Membership eligibility

All consultant members of the Australasian Lymphoma Alliance hold a leadership role within Lymphoma research at their institution. New members are encouraged to be members of the ALLG and must demonstrate an active contribution to the alliance. New members may be invited by the group or approach the group individually.

Members can be from (but not limited to) following disciplines:

  • Medical oncologists
  • Radiation oncologists
  • Haematologists
  • Pathologists
  • Nuclear medicine physicians
  • Nursing staff

Direct any enquiries about joining ALA to

Membership expectations

Members will:

  • Submit proposals for clinical audit/service evaluation, translational research collaborations, grant proposals and, if relevant clinical trials
  • Actively contribute to the work of the alliance – including reviewing any papers prior to meetings, representing the views of relevant staff groups and participating in decision-making
  • Attend a minimum of two teleconferences per year
  • Provide feedback to staff they are representing on the work and outcomes of the alliance
  • Contribute to presentations and publications

Steering Committee

The members of the Steering Committee assist with co-ordination of the group, share group activities (such as practice statement development), preparation of reports on group activity for members, oversee funding receipt and utilisation, ensure appropriate acknowledgements on manuscripts, abstracts, public documents, etc.  The Chair position rotates on a 3-4 year basis.