Australasian T-Cell Lymphoma Network

About Us

The Australian Cutaneous Lymphoma Multi-Disciplinary Team was established by Professor Miles Prince and Associate Professor Chris McCormack. The first multidisciplinary clinics were held at St Vincent’s in 1996. and the first online National Multidisciplinary Team Discussion (MDT) for all States occurred in August 2011.

Over the year’s this has evolved into the Australasian T-cell Lymphoma Network, a group of medical and nursing professionals with an interest and experience in the management of cutaneous and peripheral t-cell lymphoma. With the backing of the Australasian Lymphoma Alliance and Snowdome, the network has grown substantially, and has had over 30 hospitals across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore regularly participating in our web-based multi-disciplinary meeting.

T-Cell Lymphoma eGrand Rounds

Each fortnight there are a number of experts on the line to view your case via PowerPoint, to generate discussion and offer advice. It is a great platform for those with difficult cases looking for diagnostic clarification or analysis of treatment options for what remains a rare and challenging group of diseases. We have attendees working in the fields of haematology, dermatology, radiation oncology and pathology, across the spectrum of both medical and nursing practice.

Attendance on the line is uncapped; we regularly have 15-30 participants on the line, with numbers growing in the last 12 months.

For anyone who wishes to present we ask for the following information to be included in a PowerPoint presentation to be forwarded to our support team:

– Case notes/Background
– Clinical photography (where possible)
– Photographs of the patients’ histopathology
– Images of any relevant investigations, e.g. PET scans, flow cytometry.
– Question/s for the group

We ask for them to be placed in the slides in the order you plan to present to ensure accurate presentation of the case.  The team will format the slides before presenting them, so there is no need to worry about slide design.

The presentations are shared from our Melbourne hosting point in an online conference via Zoom. Attendees can dial in remotely to present slides or participate in the discussion. We will advance the slides along with your verbal presentation.

If you are interested in presenting or participating in the meeting, please e-mail Margaret Dandis at to add you to the mailing list. You will receive invites to the fortnightly meetings ( “eGrand Rounds”) as well as periodic articles of interest.


Administration Support – Margaret Dandis